Chronic cystitis and hematuria lead to loss of integrity of the mucosal barrier of the bladder resulting in an increase in its permeability, inflammation and dysuria. Canine Cystaid is an easy-to-administer dietary supplement, indicated for animals suffering from chronic cystitis and associated pathologies.

Nutritional supplement for the maintenance of the function of the lower urinary tract; It helps bladder health, as well as stimulate and maintain the production of the protective layer of glycosaminoglycans in the dog's bladder.

It helps control small disorders of the lower urinary tract of dogs. It can be used in animals with cystitis outbreaks or as maintenance therapy in susceptible dogs. Indicated for animals affected by chronic cystitis or hematuria.

Some dogs are unable to produce N acetyl D glucosamine, which is a precursor to glycosaminoglycans that line the bladder mucosa. This lack of protective coverage results in dysuria, increased permeability and inflammation of the mucosa. With Cystaid, the levels of N acetyl D glucosamine increase, helping to maintain the protective mucous layer of the urinary bladder.

How to use

The capsules are designed to be added together with the food, so they are very easy to administer. These contain a powder of exquisite taste for animals. The capsules open easily to help empty their food content. Mix the contents of a capsule together with a small amount of moist food or, on dry feed previously moistened with a little water.


  • Initial treatment: 1 capsule daily for every 10 kg of body weight for 3 or 4 weeks until the symptoms disappear.
  • Recurring cases and as a preventive measure: 1 capsule daily for 10 kg of body weight every 2 days (one day yes, one day no) for a long period of time.

Format: packages with 120 capsules


N acetyl D glucosamine
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