Muco-adhesive oral gel of high acceptance for advanced periodontal problems, post-oral surgery, among other applications. Maximum efficiency without brushing.

Clunia Zn-A Clinical Gel provides Zinc that helps maintain the physiological structure of the epithelium. In addition, thanks to the taurine that it incorporates it allows to have a chelating action on the sulfur compounds of the breath. All this is reinforced with vitamin C, which combines with Zinc gluconate to form Zinc Ascorbate and, in this way, enhances the availability of Zinc, improving its function and allowing a powerful antioxidant power.

Its use is recommended for dogs, cats, horses and exotic animals (rabbit, guinea pig, iguana, etc.) with advanced periodontal problems, mouth wounds and lacerations, oral ulcers. It is also recommended in post-oral or maxillofacial surgery, as well as in intubated, sedated and post-surgical patients to stimulate salivation. Also indicated for before and after a mouth cleaning.

The color of the solution indicates the freshness and efficacy of the product. Use while it is blue or green, a brown or yellow color indicates that the product, although safe, has lost efficacy.

How to use

Unscrew the stopper, pour the contents of the attached vial into the container, replace the stopper and shake until dissolved.

Apply to both sides of the upper gums.

  • For animals weighing less than 10 kg: administer 1 drop the size of a pea (0.5 ml).
  • Medium, large animals and horses: increase quantity according to size.

Repeat daily for maximum effectiveness.

Format: 118 ml bottle.


Zinc gluconate 2%Ascorbic acid 1.6%Taurine 1%Excipients qs
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