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Deer antler Deer antler 2
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Deer antler

The deer antler for dogs is the best toothbrush of our pets, since it helps to clean them naturally and keeps them strong and healthy while providing great entertainment.This 100% natural product, pure and durable, is rich in nutrients and minerals such as calcium. 
Nerve tips
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Nerve tips

The nerve tips are a delicious natural snack with which you can reward your dog every day.
 Chicken legs
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Chicken legs

Chicken legs are ideal as a reward or simply as a healthy dog ​​because it takes care of dental health and provides long periods of entertainment.
Lamb belly Lamb belly 2
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Lamb belly

This aromatic snack dogs love. They have been carefully dried in a hot air oven, so that they retain all their natural nutrients.
Veal wafers Veal wafers 2
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Veal wafers

The Esophagus of Beef 100% natural is a food rich in vitamin B12 and Iron, low in fat and with a great contribution of protein.
Mountain goat antler Mountain goat antler 2

Mountain goat antler

Montesa Goat Antlers are solid, strong, do not splinter and are long lasting. This is why they are perfect for our dogs. They also help control dental plaque and keep the teeth strong and healthy.
Flamenquin ham and fish Flamenquin ham and fish 2
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Flamenquin ham and fish

Delicious flamenquin where dried fish skin forms a tube that is filled with a meat and ham paste.
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