Dermoscent Essential 6 spot-on

Dermoscent Essential 6 spot-on

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Multifunctional single-dose care for all skin and hair types


Multifunctional single-dose care for all skin and hair types

Dermoscent Essential 6® pipettes is the first dermo-cosmetic pipette for dogs, cats and small mammals (rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice) and provides a simple and effective solution for skin imbalances (also called keratoseborrhoeic states) and its consequences: dull and brittle hair, dry or oily mantle, bad smells, etc.

Patented and without added fragrance, Dermoscent Essential 6® spot-on brings together no less than 6 actions in 1:

  • Restores skin hydration by strengthening the skin's barrier function.
  • Improves hair shine.
  • It stops hair loss (except in the time of shedding) and sustains the growth of new hair.
  • Decreases the presence of dandruff.
  • Deodorizes respecting the smell of the animal.
  • Protects through the antioxidant effect.

With a simple gesture of 2 seconds a week, Dermoscent Essential 6® pipettes allow you to not have to wash the animal so often and substitute the daily intake of essential fatty acids (omega 3-6) by mouth.

Usage advice

Break the plug, separate the animal's hair and apply Dermoscent Essential 6® pipettes in the interscapular region, at one or two points directly on the skin. For the result to be optimal and lasting, it is advisable to start with an initial application of 2 consecutive months, at the rate of one pipette per week, and then 1 pipette every 2 weeks as a maintenance for as long as necessary. For small mammals, apply a few drops to a pipette according to the size of the animal.

It is not necessary to massage, because the product contains a biodifusor agent that distributes the product evenly throughout the body of the animal.

It is recommended not to wash the animal during the 2 days before and after the application.

There is no incompatibility of use with the other "spot-on" products.

In the case of animals with long or abundant hair, it is necessary to brush them the next day to remove the possible product residue and promote optimal diffusion on the skin.


The innovative formula of Dermoscent Essential 6® pipettes is made from a rigorous selection of 100% natural ingredients: 10 essential oils are combined (clove, camphor, gaulteria, rosemary, turmeric, oregano, lavender, peppermint, tea tree and cedar), hemp and neem oils rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E.


In case of rain, Dermoscent Essential 6® pipettes give the animal a pleasant smell.

In hot weather or the animal is exposed to the sun or other environmental aggressions, Dermoscent Essential 6® pipettes allow to maintain a good hydration of the skin.

Format: 4 pipettes

Manufacturer: ECUPHAR

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