A radical change in the professional treatment of wounds and skin infections. With Vetericyn more than 80% of non-surgical skin problems do not need an Elizabethan collar.

It is a spray formulated to treat skin problems such as irritations, abrasions, cuts or burns. Suitable for all animal species. Helps to reduce inflammation, heal wounds and improve infections.

It is used for the care of wounds, acute and chronic, abrasions, sores, etc. It also has dermatological use in case of skin rashes, on allergy sources, skin irritations when contacting feces or urine or pear change in birds or change of dogs.

It acts against the main infectious agents with its microbial action. It is also used in post-surgical processes, for skin irritation due to friction or skin folds, and to wet and lubricate during dressing changes.

Hypochlorous acid is generated by electrolysis from sodium chloride


  • Easy to apply.
  • Does not contain alcohol, iodine, steroids or antibiotics.
  • It is not irritating or induces itching.
  • It is not toxic.
  • Safe in any species and at any age.
  • Without contraindications.

Specific uses

  • Dermal cleaning and flushing.
  • Irrigation and debridement of wounds.
  • Cleaning of sutures, probes and drainage tubes.

How to use

  • Shake well before use.
  • Remove hair from the wound and spray the affected area with the spray.
  • Repeat the action 3 to 4 times a day until the wound has healed.
  • Do not use other antiseptics such as iodine, hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine in the area.
  • Soak the affected area well three times a day until recovery.

Format: 55 ml, 120 ml and 500 ml bottle.


Active chlorine (hypochlorous acid: 0.015%); inactive: ionized water, sodium chloride, phosphates, sodium hypochlorite.
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